Cod Liver Oil 300 mg Capsules Softgel Capsules



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  • The liver of Cod fish, believed to be the source of highly beneficial and healthy nutrients.
  • Capsules delivers omega-3 essential fatty acids with EPA and DHA.
  • Rich in Omega 3 and Vitamin A, boosts immunity and supports eye health.
  • Vitamin A plays a crucial role in immune function, normal vision, and overall growth.
  • Helps in reducing pain and swelling, potentially preventing blood clotting and improving cholesterol levels.
  • Cod Liver Oil, with its vital omega-3 fatty acids, aids in reducing inflammation and alleviating symptoms of depression and anxiety.
  • Why La Nature’s  Manufactures Cod Liver Oil Capsules in a WHO-GMP and HACCP certified plant, Maintaining  quality and hygiene standards.
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